Hidden Lake Clubhouse Historic Clock

Ever wonder about the history of the clock that stands in the courtyard of the Clubhouse?  One of our residents did a little research and found out the following.  The clock is called a Brown Street Clock made by the Brown Street Clock company from 1906 to the early 1920s.
They were made to be put in front of jewelry stores and often had the jeweler’s name on them. The head and base of the clock are made of cast iron.  The dials were custom designed and the clock numbers were either Roman or Arabic style font.  The early clocks had an eight-day winding clock mechanism.

The clocks sold for approximately $150 in 1915. According to a researcher’s website in a link below, there are less than 70 known Brown Street Clocks left in the nation including ours.  To learn a lot more about the history of the Brown Street Clock, click here. Next time you walk or drive by our clock, at least you know it’s come a long way and it’s either 100 years old, or very near it.

Below are additional images that will showcase the clocks: