Things To Know About the Clubhouse

Below is a list of important information regarding the use of the clubhouse:

What’s included in the clubhouse
Items that you can use in the clubhouse, see the list below:

1Small refrigerator w/top freezer
2Brown  7’ x  18” tables
2White (folding)  6’ x 30” tables
4White (rectangular)  6’ x 2.5’ tables
2White (round)  58.5” tables
1White (round)  47” tables
64Brown cushion seated chairs (with chair caddy)
232 gallon round trash receptacles
1Kitchen trash receptacle
1Waste basket
1Vacuum cleaner
1Step stool
2Fire extinguishers

62 people is the max it can hold per the city.

Obtaining the clubhouse key:
When your reservation is confirmed, you will receive an email from the clubhouse coordinator.  A few days prior to your event, contact the coordinator to arrange the pickup the keys.  After the event, the keys must be returned within 24 hours of the party (no exceptions).

Things to remember about renting the clubhouse (also part of the rental agreement):
1. Remember to turn off the air conditioning when finished
2. Do not leave any trash in the clubhouse
3. Do not attach anything to the walls

Clubhouse Address:
8360 Sedan Avenue
West Hills, CA 91304