Name Phone Number
Guard Station 747-226-0022
Westcom Property Management Company 818-587-9502
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Below is a list of LA City numbers for various services. If a number can’t be found, click on the link below to go to the LA City’s website. From there, you can use their various online request forms for many of the services listed.

City Of Los Angeles Website

Council District 12 Neighborhood Services Directory

Service Phone Number
Abandoned Vehicles 800-ABANDON
Aging (nutrition services) 800-834-4777
Animal Services 888-452-7381
Animal Services :Dead Animal Pick Up 800-773-2489
Building and Safety 888-LA4-BUILD
City Attorney – Civil Info 213-485-6370
City Attorney – Neighborhood Prosecutor 877-LACARES
City Clerk 213-978-1133
City of Los Angeles 311
Drug Crime Hotline 800-662-2878
Fire – Education 818-756-9674
Gas Company 800-427-2200
Hazardous Waste 800-238-0173
Housing (tenant/landlord) 800-994-4444
LADWP 800-342-5397
LAPD Non-Emergency 877–275-5273
Library 213-228-7272
Neighborhood Councils 866-524-3577
Office of the Mayor 213-978-0600
Office of the Mayor: Constituent Services 213-978-0721
Parking Enforcement 818-756-8784
Parking Ticket Information 818-901-7027
Planning 213-978-1244
Public Works: Curbside Trash Collection / Bulky Item Pickup 800-773-2489
Public Works: Pothole Repair / Tree Trimming 800-996-2489
Public Works: Street Light Repair 800-303-5267, or call 311
Public Works: Graffiti Removal 800-611-2489
Recreation and Parks 888-LAPARKS
Recycling Information 800-773-2489
Shopping Cart Retrieval 800-252-4613
Street Light Repair 311
Topanga Police Station 818-778-4800
Transportation Information 818-808-2273
Trash and Bulky Item Pickup 800-773-2489
Water and Power (DWP) 800-DIAL-DWP